Purple Bow Tie You are so lovely.
This is a help blog for those who are in need of someone to talk to.
Anonymous asked: I go back to school tomorrow, and I have no good clothes to wear. I didn't get any new clothes over the summer and that makes me sad. I just want to cry and not go to school.

Awwww honey I’m sorry that’s hard. Why haven’t you gotta new clothes? If you are old enough you could work in retail and get a discount for new clothes. Just a suggestion. Stay brave you can do this.


Anonymous asked: rough day :(

What happened?


Anonymous asked: Hey um, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but I sent an ask a couple days ago and was wondering if you've been busy lately? I know this is very rude but in complete honesty I'm worried that the ask ma have been eaten up by the ask box..? Sorry for bothering you, I just want if you've been busy lately or aren't okay.

I haven’t seen any asks in here that I’ve been before this so I don’t know if it was sent. Sorry about not answering you we all have been super busy but I try to get on between breaks during work and lunch.